News :: Game Release - Xump

Date: 2014-07-04, Authors: Albert H. & Surkow

Space Cleaning Madness

We are proud to announce the release of the GCW Zero version of Xump created by Retroguru[1] (of Sqrxz fame[2]) and ported by Zear. This game, a time-trial puzzler, features a retro 16-bit theme combined with a pumping chiptune soundtrack and just about everything else we've come to expect from the fine lads at Retroguru.

You play the titular character, the robot companion of a boy named Holger, who must clear out the space minefields by moving Xump along the collapsing paths. Along the way, you'll encounter left-over mines and arrow plates which guide Xump in different directions, adding to the frustration of clearing space minefields. In this race against the clock, Xump and Holger really have their work cut out for them.

Initially starting development in 2005 under Psilocybin Development, the game has been completely revamped by the Retroguru team. They've made entirely new levels, graphics and music, to name a few things. The game is now featured on the GCW Zero for the first time ever. Xump can be freely downloaded from the GCW software repository[3].