News :: Game Release - The Sqrxz Series

Date: 2014-06-22, Authors: Albert H. & Surkow

Two seconds until death!

Finally, with much effort put in by our very own porting wizard Zear, comes Sqrxz, a four-part game series created by the members of team Retroguru[1] based on the original DOS classic Sqrxz. With the addition of a remake of the first game, the Sqrxz series is finally available on the GCW Zero in full, and able to be enjoyed in all its migraine-inducing glory. Hop along the trail against terrifying odds, as you, eponymous lapine-ish hero, will be poised to save the day. Do you have spastic fingers not quite on the verge of carpal tunnel syndrome? Let Sqrxz remedy that. When you start dying, you will find yourself showing no mercy as you crush every unfortunate enemy underfoot!

Re-release of the original Sqrxz

Created in 1996 for MS-DOS and Windows 9x by Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall, Sqrxz started life with the idea in mind that the player must race against time, collect a certain number of macguffin items (usually diamonds), and reach the end of the map. All while surviving the numerous hazards like enemies, spikes, pits, drowning in water and the aforementioned time limit.

For the 2010 remake of the original DOS classic, a new mode with "deluxe" graphics has been introduced. The main game has been modified, so that now you must collect all items to open the door at the end of each level, with an additional three levels unique to the remake. A port of the remake has been released for the GCW Zero and can be found in the official GCW Zero repository[2].


In the first game, the setting is a forest in which Sqrxz must scavenge for his lost diamonds. In Sqrxz 2, Sqrxz travels to space and loses all of his diamonds again (He's so clumsy!). Things get shaken up in Sqrxz 3, as Sqrxz now has a girlfriend, who gets herself kidnapped by evil forces. To free her, Sqrxz must go around collecting diamond rings. Finally, the 4th game is sort've a spin-off from the series. It is winter-themed and involves a newly married Sqrxz heading off into the winter tundra, to collect ice marbles that are valuable. This way, he can make ends meet for his soon-to-be family of three.