News :: GCW Parts Store Announces New Analog Caps and Start/Select Buttons

Date: 2016-11-20, Authors: GMAY3, Surkow

Redesigned Analog Caps and Start/Select buttons

In addition to the previously redesigned DPAD and ABXY buttons, our Industrial Design team has been hard at work to produce new parts for the GCW Zero.

Therefore we are excited to be announcing new, completely redesigned Analog Caps (for use on the Analog Stick) and Start/Select buttons, available right now in numerous different colors on our Official GCW Store Page.

Just like with the 3D printed DPAD and ABXY buttons for the GCW Zero, each of the newly introduced parts consists of two pieces which are connected together by a thin piece of plastic forming one actual part. As explained in the article introducing the redesigned DPAD and ABXY buttons, Shapeways does not currently allow us to specify a print orientation for our parts. This could result in a single part being printed using the wrong orientation with a tangible stepping or ridging effect on the surface of the part. By joining two parts together in different orientations we can guarantee at least one part will be printed correctly.

Analog Stick Cap variations

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach we decided to provide different customization options for the analog stick. Each of these can be installed and swapped without ever needing to open up your GCW Zero console!

Ripple Cap

The Ripple Analog Cap is intended to be an improved version of the default Analog Cap on the GCW Zero and has the following features:

Scoop Cap

The Scoop Analog Cap is intended for people who prefer a concave surface - the opposite of the Analog Cap included by default with the hardware.

The Scoop Cap has the following features:

Dish Cap

Just like with the Scoop Analog Cap, the Dish Cap has a concave surface, but offers a more comfortable experience for people who prefer a larger Analog Cap.

Some of the identifying features of the Dish Analog Cap:

Start/Select buttons

The new GCW Zero Start and Select buttons have been completely redesigned by our Industrial Design team to be able to offer a more comfortable menu launching experience, less rattling, and more color options.

Here are some specific improvements that we made to the Start and Select buttons:

Installing the Parts

Preparing the parts for installation is easy, all that needs to be done is to trim off the thin piece of plastic joining the two parts with a craft knife or scissors and you are good to go.

To achieve different colored parts, Shapeways prints the parts white and then dyes them another color in controlled batches. The color of the dyed parts will hold up during normal use, but if you sand or cut the parts, the white plastic will show through. This is why the two connected buttons are connected on the back faces of each button. When trimmed, the white patch of plastic will not show after installation.

The Start and Select buttons will require you to open your console during installation, but the new Analog Caps will not! All you need to do is gently wiggle the stock GCW Analog Cap, and pull straight upwards to remove it. When installing the new Analog Caps, you may notice that fit is tighter at first when you press them down onto the analog stick. If you're trying multiple new Analog caps, take care when removing the new installed caps. This task might be easier by using a flat plastic gift card or guitar pick under two opposite sides to provide upward pressure to remove the cap.

Because replacing the buttons is definitely a task for the DIY folks, we thought it would be fun to give a few ideas of what you could do with this leftover second part! Think of it as your own DIY copy of the button to test a custom paint job, sand the surface to create custom button curvature, or Dremel in some grooves for grip. It's for you to experiment and have some fun! We look forward to seeing all your cool DIY creations. You can share your custom creations with us on the Dingoonity forums, Twitter @gcwzero, and on our Facebook page!

Check Out the GCW Zero Shapeways Store!

So to wrap things up, we are really excited to be announcing that the new, completely redesigned Analog Caps and Start/Select buttons are available right now in numerous different colors on our Official GCW Store Page.

Our 3D printing store is a great way for us to keep researching and developing new hardware designs and get them out to you as quickly as possible. Your interest in future developments keeps us going!