News :: Game release - Fruit'Y

Date: 2015-11-23, Editor: Zear, Surkow & Albert H.

A very Fruit'Y release

Another title by the Retroguru team debuts on GCW Zero, through the hands of porter Zear. This time they serve you a puzzle game with 120 levels, beautiful, hand drawn pixel art and catchy Amiga-style chiptunes!

Fruit'Y is a puzzle game heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic "Gem'X", known from the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

Playing with edibles

Tiger mum warns little Sheran not to eat the jungle fruit, but Sheran is all too tempted by the allure of that delectable canopy vegetation. As long as you're here, you can help Sheran to safely traverse the jungle in his quest to sample that sweet & juicy jungle fruit.

Reproducing the fruit pattern as seen on the right-hand side of the playfield will help Sheran to make his way through the dense underbelly of the jungle. Sounds easy enough?

By using the D-pad to move your cursor you can select a specific fruit to morph. When read from top to bottom, the middle of the screen shows in what order the fruits transform into other fruits. The center of your selection morphs by two steps, while the four surrounding fruits change by one step into other fruits.

Like all the other releases by Retroguru, Fruit'Y can be freely downloaded from the GCW Software Repository.