News :: Game Release - Giana's Return

Date: 2014-12-24, Author: Zear, Editor: Surkow

The classic returns

Retroguru[1] did it again! With the porting help from Zear, another classic joins the ever growing list of game titles available for GCW Zero.

Giana's Return[2] aims to be a worthy unofficial sequel to "The Great Giana Sisters" - an all-time classic platform game made in the late 80s by Armin Gessert, Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck. The title back then gained massive attention as a "Super Mario" copy, but still had its very own charm and fan base. Giana's Return expands on its spiritual predecessor, offering a whole new level of experience.

Giana, get ready!

Evil Swampy and his followers have stolen the same magic ruby, which once made it possible for Giana and Maria to return from their dream. As if this was not bad enough, Maria was kidnapped as well! Embark on a new quest as Giana, get back the magic ruby and save your beloved sister Maria from the clutches of Swampy!

Enjoy the following features:

Head over to the GCW Software Repository to freely download Giana's Return[3].


Giana's Return is freeware. Giana Sisters trademark and characters licensed by Black Forest Games GmbH. Check out their official games.