Retro gamers and video gaming enthusiasts at PAX Prime are invited to experience the GCW Zero, a new handheld console from Game Consoles Worldwide LLC. Visit booth #6206 to get hands-on time while chatting with the team behind the hardware. The GCW Zero will be available every day during PAX Prime. Whether you are a gamer or a developer, stop by and find out more about the GCW Zero, a handheld console built by gamers for gamers.
What you can expect from the GCW Zero: The GCW Zero was designed with development in mind. We have strived to make our system easy to program for. The Linux 3.x operating system invites open source gaming through our development tools which require no special software development kits. Program in C/C++, Python (with PyGame), and BennuGD. Write your software with SDL 1.2/2.0 or GLES 1.1/2.0. With no software or region locking the GCW Zero welcomes anyone to write and release independently developed games and applications. Backed by our growing community of developers, our support forums will provide all the help you will need to bring your favorite software to the GCW Zero.
Stop by booth #6206 and experience what the future of retro gaming has to offer. Play with the GCW Zero and try out some exclusive homebrew software debuting just for PAX Prime. Meet the CEO of Game Consoles Worldwide LLC and talk shop or share your favorite gaming experiences. We are a community of gaming enthusiasts and developers. Come and see what GCW and the GCW Zero are all about.